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Academic Kit (Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Contact Closure + Rappaport Stethoscope) – P.A. MED

Academic Kit (Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Contact Closure + Rappaport Stethoscope) – P.A. MED

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Ref: KPA231 - P.A.MED
Color: Pink

Available Colors

Blood Pressure Device Adult Nylon Contact Closure – P.A. MED

High precision and sensitive blood pressure device with contact closure system that provides greater practicality and ease in handling, obtaining a better safe and reliable diagnosis, rigorously tested by PA MED quality control and verified by INMETRO, 100% with seal. initial verification, accompanying exclusive bag.


  • Armband: Made of nylon fabric, flexible and hypoallergenic using contact closure.
  • Cuff: Made of PVC, two exits, seamless, with high durability.
  • Pressure gauge: Aneroid with scale from 0 to 300 mmHg, scale division 2 mmHg, highly resistant metal case with metal clip, containing the INMETRO ordinance number on the display and the respective inspection seal on the product in the form of a seal and certificate accompanying the product.
  • Insufflating Bulb: Made of PVC, with airflow system in metal, with stainless steel sphere of high durability.
  • Valve: Highly resistant metal with sensitive air outlet regulation.


Rappaport Stethoscope – P.A. MED

The Rappaport stethoscope is indicated for cardiac and pulmonary auscultation. Complete with double tube for more precise auscultation, it has five different types of headphones, used to detect low and medium frequency heart, lung and body sounds with greater distinction.


  • Headset / Bell: Highly durable metal, parts follow the color of the tube, perform accurate auscultation of low and high frequency sounds (Pulmonary Cardio).
  • Ring: Noble chrome-plated brass with thread for better locking of the diaphragm / membrane.
  • Angle: Binaural in chromed brass frame of high durability with automatic adjustment through chromed steel spring.
  • Ear Tips: Anatomical shape in soft and non-toxic PVC.
  • Tube: Two conductive tubes for better sound conduction, in flexible and non-toxic PVC for more precise auscultation.
  • Diaphragm / Membrane: High sensitivity. Anatomical shape in soft and non-toxic PVC.
  • Accessories: Spare parts that allow the formation of several stethoscope models, the most common ones for adult size lung and heart auscultation and infant or neo-natal for lung and heart.
  • Accompanies: Plate for identification of the owner.



  • 01 P.A. MED pressure device (nylon with contact closure).
  • 01 Rappaport stethoscope with accessories.
  • 01 Practical and ergonomic bag.
  • 01 Tourniquet.
  • 01 Safety glasses.



Technical Specifications

Color: Pink, Green, Wine, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Purple.
Size: Adult.
Model: Contact closure.
Clamp size: 52x14
Coverage Arm Circumference: 18 to 36 cm
Cuff Size: 12 x 22 cm
Approval: INMETRO / DIMEL Ordinance: No. 322 of 9/11/09.
- -
Color: Pink, Green, Wine, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Purple.
Size: Adult.
Model: Rappaport
Cardiac / Pulmonary Head Diameter: 4.5 cm / 3 cm
Tube Size: 57 cm
Weight: 0.210 g
Comes with Instruction Manual: Yes
- -
Package Size: Length 16cm x Width 11cm x Height 26.5cm
Weight: 0.860g
Manufacturer: P.A. MED (Academic Kit Line)
Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defect
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA / Pressure device: 80540449001.
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA / Stethoscope: 80540449003.

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