Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Set, Ring And Contact Closure + Stainless Double Adult Stethoscope – BIC

Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Set, Ring And Contact Closure + Stainless Double Adult Stethoscope – BIC

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Ref: CJ3001 - Omega
Color: Black

Sphygmomanometer with Nylon Cuff, ring and with Contact Closure + Double Stainless Master Stethoscope

Adult Nylon Pressure Device, with Contact Closure and Ring – BIC (Omega Line)

High-precision and sensitive adult blood pressure device with ring contact closure system, obtaining a better safe and reliable diagnosis, rigorously tested by BIC quality control, accompanying exclusive bag.


  • Clamp: Made of resistant nylon fabric for better cleaning and disinfection with a contact closure system;
  • Cuff and tubes: Made of PVC, tested by CBEMED Quality Control;
  • Pressure gauge: With a scale from 0 to 300 mmHg with a protection ring measured by the CBEMED Quality Control and with an individual initial verification seal by INMETRO;
  • Insufflating Bulb: Made of PVC, with smooth finish for better disinfection and ring with chrome finish;
  • Valve: Precise and exclusive in chromed metal facilitating use and protected against air leaks;
  • Packaging: Individual, comes with an exclusive synthetic leather bag, packed in a cardboard box.

Black Double Stainless Steel Adult Stethoscope – BIC (Eternity Line)

Double Adult Stethoscope in High Sensitivity Stainless Steel, has a double earpiece for high and low frequency cardiological and pulmonary measurement, with great acoustic performance, advanced design for more precise auscultation, Y tube with special isolation for better auscultation, soft olives and anatomical.


  • Headset: Stainless steel with high durability and easy disinfection, excellent cardiac and pulmonary auscultation;
  • Ring: To avoid touching and feeling cold for the patient;
  • Angle: Binaural in metal frame of resistant stainless steel and high durability with automatic adjustment through steel spring.
  • Ear tips: In silicone, soft and anatomical with metal threads to facilitate the exchange;
  • Tube: Form Y in PVC with integrated stainless steel spring;
  • Accessories: Comes with a pair of spares and a spare membrane.
  • Packaging: Individual, packed in cardboard box, with foam cradle.



Technical Specifications

Color: Black
Size: Adult
Clamp size: 52.8 x 14 cm
Coverage Arm Circumference: 18 to 36 cm
Cuff Size: 12 x 22 cm
Manufacturer: BIC - (Omega Line)
Warranty: 3 years against manufacturing defects, except clamp 1 year
Approval: INMETRO / DIMEL Ordinance: No. 322 of 9/11/19 and No. 0029 of 2/1/12.
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA: 80540449001.
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Color: Black
Size: Adult
Cardiac / Pulmonary Head Diameter: 4.8 cm / 3.8 cm
Tube Size: 65 cm
Weight: 0.390 kg
Comes with Instruction Manual: Yes
Manufacturer: BIC - (Eternity Line)
Warranty: 5 years against manufacturing defects
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA: 80540449003.

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