Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Set, Ring And Contact Closure + Double Adult Stethoscope – BIC

Nylon Adult Blood Pressure Device Set, Ring And Contact Closure + Double Adult Stethoscope – BIC

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Ref: CJ3004 - Omega
Color: Black

Sphygmomanometer with Nylon Cuff, ring and with Contact Closure + Double Black Stethoscope.

Adult Nylon Pressure Device, with Contact Closure and Ring – BIC (Omega Line)

High-precision and sensitive adult blood pressure device with ring contact closure system, obtaining a better safe and reliable diagnosis, rigorously tested by BIC quality control, accompanying exclusive bag.


  • Clamp: Made of resistant nylon fabric for better cleaning and disinfection with a contact closure system;
  • Cuff and tubes: Made of PVC, tested by CBEMED Quality Control;
  • Pressure gauge: With a scale from 0 to 300 mmHg with a protection ring measured by the CBEMED Quality Control and with an individual initial verification seal by INMETRO;
  • Insufflating Bulb: Made of PVC, with smooth finish for better disinfection and ring with chrome finish;
  • Valve: Precise and exclusive in chromed metal facilitating use and protected against air leaks;
  • Packaging: Individual, comes with an exclusive synthetic leather bag, packed in a cardboard box.

Double Adult Stethoscope – BIC (Efficace Line)

Double stethoscope is a device indicated for checking vital signs, assists in the measurement of blood pressure and screening services. It is used to perform high and low frequency auscultation, its double earpiece allows it to be used in dual function.


  • Headset: Dual head allows high and low frequency sounds to be heard;
  • Ring: It has an anti-cold ring to avoid touching and feeling cold to the patient;
  • Stems: They are light and more resistant, which provides more ergonomics and performance;
  • Ear tips: Soft silicone that fits the ear canal, allowing greater comfort and its threadless fit creates an excellent acoustic seal;
  • Finish: It is in anodized aluminum alloy.



Technical Specifications

Color: Black
Size: Adult
Clamp size: 52.8 x 14 cm
Range Arm Circumference: 18 to 36 cm
Cuff Size: 12 x 22 cm
Manufacturer: BIC - (Omega Line)
Warranty: 3 years against manufacturing defects, except clamp 1 year
Approval: INMETRO / DIMEL Ordinance: No. 322 of 9/11/19 and No. 0029 of 2/1/12.
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA: 80540449001.
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Color: Black
Size: Adult
Cardiac / Pulmonary Head Diameter: 4.8 cm / 3.8 cm
Tube Size: 65 cm
Weight: 0.390 kg
Comes with Instruction Manual: Yes
Manufacturer: BIC - (Eternity Line)
Warranty: 5 years against manufacturing defects
Registration Ministry of Health / ANVISA: 80540449003.

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